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Having safe legal tyres on your car or van is one of the most important items in terms of road safety in our opinion. Here at Curfew Bell Garage we offer a free tyre inspection to advise you on the tread of your tyres & check your tyre pressure, (incorrect tyre pressure could wear tyres much quicker).

If you require a change of tyres we can offer you a comprehensive range of replacements from a Budget range to Top Branding of the range tyres. New Tyres come with the following tread depth.

  • Cars: 8mm
  • 4x4s: 12mm
  • Commercial vehicles: 12mm

If you need advice on your tyres then please call or pop in to take advantage of our free tyre inspection service. Tyre Prices start from £20 per tyre inclusive of fitting & Balancing & also includes legal disposal of your old tyre.

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